We’ve listed how the partner process works and given you
an example to help you out.

1. Create Your Account

Sign up as a partner to get your partner link and access our banners. Promote Payolee on your website,
social media, blog, pinterest, youtube channel, etc. When you bring in customers (referrals)
you’ll earn a monthly commission for the lifetime of that customer.

2. Promote Payolee

Jump start your promotion using our links and banners. These links allow us to track your
referrals. Build your network of referrals and earn money monthly.

Example: You bring in a referral Lila’s Fresh Foods. Lila offers a organic food subscription. Lila pays Payolee $320/month.
As a partner you’ll earn $176/month from this referral.

3. Earn Money

When your referrals pay us each month, you’ll get a 55% monthly commission from that
payment. You can request a payout to be sent to your bank account.